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Raising the music bar, BMG ( Business Music Group ) has signed an amazing catalogue of artists since its inception in 2018. The musicians that BMG ( Business Music Group ) represents speak not only to a new generation of fans, but tap into the old-school era. The New York based Music Label prides itself on working with the brightest musical talents. Check out their newest artists below, and get in touch if you want to know more.


BMG ( Business Music Group ) has been making musicians stand out in the industry with a professional team that know exactly what it takes to make it to the top of the charts. Check out the talented artists who’ve been given an opportunity to sign with a top Music Label. If you’d like to learn more about them, feel free to get in touch.

Frank LaRosa ( CEO BMG )

CEO Frank LaRosa founded BMG music label on April 3rd 2018. Frank has been in the music industry and business industry building insane connections with both artists and professional music labels since he was 15 years old ! Today Frank owns a multi million dollar company and helps unassigned artists move to the next level in there music careers. 

South Hoodsta (BMG Records Producer)

With a Memphis sound,South Hoodsta has been producing music starting in 2011. Since his earlier years,SouthHoodsta has been truly inspired by the sounds of Three Six Mafia. Through all the hard work,South accomplished the breakthrough of his life in the summer of 2019.He became a promoter/host for GMSH Live,signing artist up for shows within the platform.Adding to his career,South Hoodsta linked up with HardworkNation-Label to receive promotion an also worked as an A&R for the company.Currently,South Hoodsta is a Producer,Beatmaker,Songwriter,Artist for BMG Records.South Hoodsta thanks DJ Paul (CEO of Three Six Mafia),saying"He's a legend".Shot out to Jess Jones Jr(Ceo of GMSHLive) James Willam Wright of HardworkNation-Label and Richboy Frank(BmgNation Owner).                             "People enter my life for a reason which confirms me that I have the key for success!"-South Hoodsta


Artist TeezyAF in BMG ( Business Music Label ) has started loving music since age 12. First recorded a song when he was 17 & been recording ever since. TeezyAF born in St.Louis raised in Miami & Atlanta GA learned many styles of approaching music in different avenue's & adding that talent into his tracks. Artist TeezyAF has so much talent and BMG found that out very quickly and decided to sign him ! 

Thomas ( NFL JUGG ) 

BMG ( Business Music Group ) Artist Thomas Aka NFL JUGG From Kinston North Carolina Born In North Folk Virginia Is Only 20 Years Old. Thomas Only Being 20 Has A Very Bright Future In The Music Industry Being Very Skilled & Talented On the BMG Team. His Passion To Always Learn Daily & Take Feedback Makes Him Grow & Be A Very Strong Artist. Grew Up Through A Lot In His Life So Far All The Pain Thomas Puts In His Music To Reach Out To His Fans. 

Murk TrapSoul

Artist Murk Trapsoul in BMG ( Business Music Group ) is a South African artist In Africa ! He is the best known artist as a writer, singer, producer specializing in Hip Hop & RNB music ! Only 29 years old but growing up in South Africa he has a lot of talent to bring to BMG ! 

Global Gang Choppa

BMG ( Business Music Group ) (Promotional Manager) Artist Patrick Davis from Union springs Alabama is 28 years old, He loves to rap ,play basketball and look out for his family. Patrick stage name is global gang choppa. Focused on music & making a name for himself joined BMG to help expose himself to all platforms around the world. 

Dolla Bill ( BMG Producer/Artist )

Artist/Producer/ Engineer Dolla Bill Da Last Man was born as Corey Glenn Anthony Thomas on September 18, 1985, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In the year of 1999 Dolla Bill used rap as emotional therapy to escape the stressful life of the grimy streets of Baton Rouge. He began writing, producing and engineering for himself and many other local rappers. A mentor to him saw great potential in his ability to be an artist then began to nurture his crafts. This commenced to open many doors for him in his career. He started performing doing several shows across the nation and has opened up for many major artists (Boosie Badazz,UNLV, Foxx,Webbie, Mike Jones and etc.). Dolla Bill since then has engineered and released nine mixtapes also, released four new selfmade singles. One of the four in which he produced on all major platforms. Dolla Bill remains humble and dedicated to his art and will continue to put his life in his music.

JackBoi Nino

Reginald Williams is a native of the Flordia area he been doing music for a quite while now he joins BmgNation records to get more exposure to be heard on all platsform his memo is "you gotta crawl before u walk" Reginald Willaims would like to thanks Richboy Frank (Owner of BmgNation Records) for the opportunity.

Mac Dizzle

My Name Is JaShawn Peebles Im from Freehold, New Jersey & I was raised in Union Springs, AL until I was 14. Got kicked out school when I was 14 & finished school in Columbus,GA. There i graduated and finished school. I had a passion for music since 9 & really was into it every since. Signed with BMG ( Business Music Group ) to help increase my talent and get me exposed to be a better artist and share my dreams with my followers. 



Are you looking for a professional Music Label to record your music with? BMG ( Business Music Group ) will help take your music to the next level. Get in touch today.

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